Conklin Center for the Blind .................... Child learning to read braille

Organizations and Programs We Support

Lions worldwide support a variety of organizations providing much needed services to the blind and visually impaired, as well as to the hearing impaired. Following is a small sample of some of the organizations and programs we support:


•  Childhood Blindness Project 

•  Pediatric Cataract Initiative Alliance

•  Diabetic Retinopathy Programs

•  GSVI Measles Prevention Project

•  Disaster Relief Worldwide

•  National Foundation for the Blind

•  Lions Lens and Vision Centers

• Services for Children Project

•  Lions Green Team Project  

•  Diabetes Awareness Programs                          


More information on organizations the Lions support may be obtained at:   , Click on: LCIF. Click on: LCIF PROGRAMS. Also, check out some of the Lions Multiple District websites listed on the ….We Invite You to Connect With Us... page of this website.



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